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The Walkers Club was set up half way through the tourist season last year to:-

  1. Promote walks across Scotland

  2. Pro actively market businesses associated with the walks across Scotland - not so many of your advertising companies do this on your behalf on a pro active basis

  3. Promote our very own walk specific Journal / diary - that walkers can purchase and pen down their own thoughts and feelings as they end each stage of their walk.

We believe we are providing something a little different for our Walkers via the App and Journal and we believe we are offering a great advertising experience for local businesses at very affordable prices.

If your business is local to any of our walks or road trips, why not advertise with us? Whether you’re a Guest House, Hotel, Pub, B&B, Campsite or even a local tourist attraction we have a package that will suit you. Prices are detailed below and will include advertising via or website and our APP when it is launched. If you want to find out more or wish to advertise, send your details or your enquiry to


Package 1

£50 pa

Our starter package enables you to promote your business within the specific walk, in a specific stage. You can promote your business under more than one category, such as Accommodation and Food and Drink. The price is per advert.

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572px by 574px

*Please also supply approximately 70 words to describe your business.


Package 2

£100 pa

This package enables you to promote your business within the specific walk that your business is situated on.

This advert is bigger and more prominent than package one adverts.

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880px by 455px


Package 3

£200 pa

Places your business on The Walkers Club Homepage.  This means that when walkers and visitors come to The Walkers Club your advert will be one of the first things that they see.

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880px by 455px