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About the club

The Walkers Club was set up half way through the tourist season in July last year to:-

  • Promote walks across Scotland - like many other companies...I hear you say!

  • Pro actively market businesses associated with the walks across Scotland

  • Promote our very own walk specific Journal / diary - that walkers can purchase and pen down their own thoughts and feelings as they end each stage of their walk.

Since then we have been developing an App that is a digital version of the journal mentioned previously, that links the walkers Fit Bit, Music and Pictures to their journal/diary - giving them a 360 memory of their walking experience.

We believe we are providing something a little different for our Walkers via the App and Journal and we believe we are offering a different kind of proactive advertising experience and partnership with local businesses at very affordable prices.

We have even introduced a Business of the Month to showcase the businesses situated on the great walks we promote.

We are excited to say that our site is developing on a daily basis to introduce to walkers and non-walkers the best Scotland has to offer.

Keep watching…. and any suggestions please contact us at

The Walkers Club Team